Revel POS: 2.75 Release Notes (Summarized)

New Features in Version 2.75

  • The Online Ordering queue has been enhanced with contextual filtering to give you more control over the information that appears in your queue. We've also added a print icon to let you know when an order has been printed.
  • Our new combo builder UI for linked combos simplifies and speeds up the ordering process by combining all combo options on one page. This intuitive new design also reduces training time while maintaining full combo functionality and modifier support.
  • You can now add a prompt at payment to the donations feature.
  • Revel now supports integration with QSR Automation's kitchen management system as an early adopter program.
  • We've added a pop-up with contact information and the Revel unique identifier (RUID) to the point of sale diagnostics page to make it easier to find. The RUID now also appears on the Settings screen and in the login page info pop-up. 
  • New activation code provisioning streamlines the provisioning process for iPads sourced from outside Revel.
  • Revel now offers a managed Android KDS system through MicroTouch. Screens are shipped pre-enrolled into Revel’s mobile device management service, and with the KDS app installed. MDM enrollment allows Revel to fully support the device with remote updates, improved security and diagnostics.
  • The Captain AI portal now offers seven new advanced analytics reports to help you achieve lower costs, faster delivery times and happier clients.
  • Revel now offers direct integration with DoorDash Marketplace! Your customers can place delivery and pickup numbers through the DoorDash app, and a Dasher will collect the orders from you and deliver them to the customer's address.
  • We've made several fixes to stabilize WorldPay, speed up processing times, and improve connectivity.
  • Early Read for Card Payments speeds up checkout by allowing your customers to complete payments without waiting on a total amount.
  • Gift Service is a new micro-service that the Point of Sale will be using effective with Version 2.75. There are a few changes to the flow of gift cards on the Point of Sale involving creating gift cards, partial payment approval, and refunding a gift card payment.
  • With Version 2.75, Revel users who have GiveX enabled will need to authenticate their Point of Sale once a year.
  • Core Reporting XT is now automatically available to all Enterprise customers. Three new reports (Discounts and Adjustments, Discounts by Reason, and Labor) plus the addition of comparative reporting and divisions and subdivisions make it easier than ever to track business performance. We’ve also improved filtering and made changes to improve stability and surface the most relevant information.
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