Revel POS: 2.74 Release Notes (Summarized)

New Features in Version 2.73

  • A new online ordering queue makes the most compelling information visible at a glance, including customer data, paid status and kitchen status.
    • All online orders, including third-party orders, are now included in this single queue.
    • The online ordering queue is now available on all stations, including child stations.
    • Icons you assign to your custom order options will appear in the queue, so you'll know at a glance where each order is from.
  • We've updated the online ordering process for group combos with a new combo builder that brings products and modifiers together on a single, attractive screen to increase customer happiness, decrease button clicks, and speed up combo ordering. The screen features the following:
    • Products and modifiers for each product slot in the combo
    • An optional summary pane on the left
    • Messaging about missing products and modifiers
    • Full support for navigation/jumping settings and for deferred modifiers
    • Support for modifer labels (e.g.,NO, side, only, lite)
    • Dynamic pricing (price updates on the screen as different choices are made)
    • For now, only group combos are included, but we'll be adding linked and split combos in the near future. The combo builder is a limited release at this time, so if you think it might be a good fit for your business, contact Revel Support for more information.
  • We’ve streamlined the group combo ordering screen. It now shows only the combo price, rather than the price of each individual item.
  • New custom menu functionality lets you create multi-channel custom menus that send third parties only the products you choose.
  • Provisioning can now be performed by Support from the Management Console, allowing for more efficiency and less data loss.
  • Customers with loyalty accounts who visit your online ordering page from the COMO app will be automatically logged in to your site.
  • In 2.74, the Management Console and Mobile Device Management (MDM) are now linked ensuring better communication across your Revel devices.
  • When the opt-out option is enabled in your management console, customers who register an account online will have the opportunity to opt out of marketing communications at account creation.
  • In 2.74, we've streamlined and improved integrations with Gift Card providers to improve user experience and gift card flows.
  • There are two new reporting dashboards: a Discounts and Adjustments dashboard and a Labor dashboard.
  • There are two new reporting dashboards: a Discounts and Adjustments dashboard and a Labor dashboard.
  • To minimize customer confusion, an online order’s dining type will now appear on the place order button (e.g., Place Pickup Order).
  • In version 2.74, we added the option to set item/product availability status from a child—as well as a main—point of sale station. We've also improved the UX for unavailable items on an active order.
  • When configuring product modifiers, you can now set a maximum value per modifier by product, as well as by product group.
  • We've improved and redesigned the driver sidebar for a smoother user experience.
  • The ETA system has been updated to make the times even more accurate.
  • The orders sidebar now features rectangular order icons, allowing for better visibility of long order numbers.
  • We've added a search bar to help filter orders by order number, delivery address, full name, or phone number.
  • You can now assign an order to a driver who already has an active job group(s) and merge the new job into the current group.
  • More flexibility in the promise time selector has been given as values can be set from 1-999 minutes.
  • We've enhanced the overall feel of the map with improved map centering to ensure the fit and retain the view even when an order or driver is highlighted.
  • Data Connector is the way to access Revel point-of-sale (POS) core data using business intelligence (BI) tools to provide visibility and transparency for executives on a corporate level. Revel Data Connector aims to solve descriptive and diagnostic analytics problems and may be used as a foundation for other types of analysis.
  • ApplePay is now available for online ordering with WorldPay
    • No additional configuration is needed
    • ApplePay requires the Safari browser
  • We've added improvements to our Adyen payments integration:
    • Your customers can now tip from an Adyen-integrated payment device
    • The Verifone e285p is now supported for Adyen
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