Unable to open QBPOS Desktop company file

Unable to open QBPOS Desktop company file

 There may be times where you are unable to open your POS company file in QBPOS Desktop and can’t proceed.  This issue can present itself when you attempt to open the application and it brings you to the Company Operations screen and asks you to open an existing company file as shown below.

If you click “Next”, the screen may quickly flash and take you back to the same screen and you are unable to open the existing company file.

If this happens to you, do not click on “Restore from backup” at any point as you may accidentally end up overwriting the data in your POS company file with that from a backup from some time in the past and possibly lose that data.

If you encounter this issue, please contact the support team at iPOS either by calling our support team at (570)906-8598 option #3 or by sending an email to helpdesk@individualpos.com with a subject of “Unable to open QBPOS Desktop company file” with a brief description of the issue and your contact information.

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