Revel 2.48 Physical Inventory Process

Revel 2.48 Physical Inventory Process

Before you Begin...

The NEW Revel 2.48 Physical Inventory process no longer requires quantity on hand to be reset to zero before beginning the process.  However, please take time to plan the method which you use to create the sections.  Do not place products in multiple sections.  Doing so could result in counting products and then setting them to zero.

Also, the Physical Inventory count can be performed from the Physical Inventory App AND from the POS App.  This article instructs you to use the Physical Inventory App.


On the Physical Inventory Device

Disable Screen Auto Lock

Before using the Revel Inventory application, make sure the Auto Lock of the screen on the iPod/iPad/iPhone you will be using is Disabled. Click here to learn how.

Installing the Revel Inventory Application

Before performing the Physical Inventory process, the Revel Inventory application must be installed on your iPod/iPad/iPhone.  If you have rented a device or devices from iPOS the Revel Inventory App will already be installed and you can skip this step.  Click here to learn how to install the Revel Inventory application.

Attaching the Inventory Application to your URL

After installing the Revel Inventory application on the iPod/iPad/iPhone, you must attach the application to your URL.  Click here to learn how to install the Revel Inventory application.

On the Management Console

Management Console Settings for Physical Inventory

Confirm the Management Console Settings for Physical Inventory are enabled.  Click here to learn how.

POS Role Permissions for Physical Inventory

Confirm the Physical Inventory Permissions for each POS Role are enabled.  Click here to learn how.

Backup your Inventory

Before performing a physical inventory, we highly recommend that you export your product inventory to a spreadsheet as a point in time backup.  Click here to learn how.

Note regarding items not scanned during Physical Inventory process

When performing the Physical Inventory, any items not counted will automatically have their quantities set to zero as part of the process.

Starting a Physical Inventory

Creating a Physical Inventory on the management console.

  1. Click On Inventory>Physical Inventory.
  2. Create a name for the entire Physical Inventory.
  3. Create one or more sections by entering a section name and one or more of the following; Product Group, Product Class, Product Category, Product Subcategory or Product.
  4. Click Done to create the Physical Inventory in the Management Console. _1.JPG
  5. Click Done. A similar screen will appear as shown below. _2.JPG

You are now ready to pull the physical inventory up on the iPad/iPod/iPhone. Follow these steps to do so:

Click here to watch this video on performing a Physical Inventory on an iPod Touch

  1. Log in to the station using your pin. This is the same pin you use to log in to POS.


  1. Select "Physical Inventory" button.


  1. Select the section name to count.


  1. Either select the product from the list or tap the search bar (Type Name or Scan Barcode) and then scan the product.  Note: You can touch the barcode in brackets to the right side of the search bar in order to use the devices camera to scan barcodes.  However, this approach does take longer as you must orient the barcode in the camera window with the red line across the barcode.


  1. Enter quantity counted and press Confirm.


  1. After tapping Confirm the product will moved from the "In Progress" list to the "Completed" list.


Note: To add to a count for a product that has already been counted, tap the "Completed" list and select the product, press the + button, enter the additional quantity and press Confirm.  For example: In this scenario there was an initial count of 2 for the product below and we then counted an additional 10 of the product to bring the total counted quantity to 12.


  1. When you have finished scanning the entire section, click Finish and select another section to start scanning. Once all sections have been completed, click Finish.  Note: If you do not count a product either by scanning the product or manually selecting the product in the Inventory App, its quantity will automatically be set to zero when you finish the section by tapping Finish.


  1. After all sections have been completed, It will show you that there is no scheduled inventory at this time.


  1. Wait 3-5 minutes and then go back to the management console and click Inventory>Physical Inventory. You will now see that the status shows Complete.


  1. We recommend that you expand each section one at a time to go through the counts and make any necessary changes by changing the value for Actual for a product.


  1. You can select the Recount option over under Actions if you would like to send that section back to the Inventory application to be recounted. If not, select Accept.


  1. Once all sections have been counted and accepted in the management console, click End Physical Inventory to complete the process and apply the changes to your inventory.


  1. You will be informed that the physical inventory has been finished.


  1. You can view the Physical Inventory History report by going to Reports->Other Reports->Physical Inventory History Report.


  1. Click the Hyperlink (in Blue) to go to the next level of report for more detail.


  1. You can sort the detail by "Category" or "Class" by clicking on the appropriate Tab at the top of the items.


  1. Click the blue "+" to the left of the Category or Class to expand the Product detail.


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