What version Revel POS am I running?

How do I tell what version of Revel POS I am currently running?

Note: Revel standard numbering scheme - "Version v.vv.rr", where v.vv represents the Revel POS Version and .rr represents the release.

There are a few ways to determine what version of the Revel POS App you are currently running.  We will review the most common way on the iPad in the POS App and the most common way from the Management Console.

On the iPad:

On the POS login screen, double tap the Revel Systems (or Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale) logo.  On versions prior to 2.25, the logo will be in the middle of the screen above the number pad.  Starting with version 2.25, the logo will be located at the top left of the screen.


A "Version Information" Box appears and the POS version is on the first line.

From the Management Console:

In the top right corner select About.


The POS Version will be noted to the right of each POS under the Stations section

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