Bitdefender - How To Check The Status of Bitdefender and Scan Logs

iPOS offers Bitdefender antivirus/internet managed security software to our customers to help them protect their workstations that run QuickBooks Point of Sale and/or QuickBooks Financials. This service helps protect customers from viruses, Trojans, rootkits, malware and many other potential threats that are prevalent in today’s world. Please be aware that no product or offering can protect you from 100% of infections and that you must approach security of your systems with a multi-tiered approach. A multi-tiered approach employs multiple pieces that include (but are not limited to) the following items.

• Properly configured antivirus/firewall software on all workstations on your network
o Daily scheduled full scans of your systems.
o Daily viewing of the scan logs to make sure that the scans are running as scheduled, that product and virus definition updates are being installed on a normal basis and that any infections that are found are dealt with as soon as possible.

• Having appropriate user accounts in Windows that help limit the possibilities of unwanted/malicious programs that are installed without your knowledge.
o Having one user on the workstation that is configured as administrator of the workstation and is only used when the highest permission rights are required (installing/updating/removing applications, making system wide changes to the workstation).
o Having a second user on the workstation that is configured as a standard user in Windows that is used the majority of the time to help protect your system from unwanted/malicious applications from being installed without your knowledge and to help you make sure that changes to your workstations are not made that could affect the security of your workstation.

• Knowing all of the devices that are on your network and what they are used for.
• Limiting access to your network and devices so that they are only used for business purposes (especially websites).
• Making sure that your workstation is up to date with all available security updates (Windows Updates, antivirus/firewall updates, application updates) as they become available.

Bitdefender is a managed application that provides both antivirus and firewall protections for your workstations. It is a fully managed application by iPOS and you do not have the ability to make changes to Bitdefender, to disable Bitdefender and most importantly remove Bitdefender.

Since you are not able to make configuration changes to the application, you can be assured that it is properly configured to work with QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Financials at all times since it is controlled by a policy that is prepared by iPOS. Whenever iPOS makes a change to a policy, it is automatically pushed out to all workstations that are using our Bitdefender service to make sure that all workstations receive the update policy very quickly. Our policy is configured to require that all workstations using our Bitdefender application automatically receive both product and virus definitions every 2 hours. Finally we configure the following scheduled scans to run in the background on a daily basis.
• Full scan at Noon local time.
• Quick scan at 5PM local time.
• Full scan at Midnight local time.

The above scheduled scans are to help you keep your workstations protected. In addition to the scheduled scans, Bitdefender is always running and protecting your system throughout the day in real time.

iPOS will check the status of Bitdefender on your workstations every morning of each business day (Monday through Friday). If Bitdefender has found an infection on your workstation that it is not able to remove, iPOS will send you an email to you notifying you of this fact and to schedule a time with you where an iPOS support representative can assist you with attempting to clean the infection. Please note that any time spent by an iPOS support representative assisting you with attempting to clean an infection on your workstation is a billable service that is billed at our standard hourly labor rate.

You will want to check Bitdefender on your workstations every day to make sure that they are update to date, that scheduled scans are running as configured and going through the scan logs to see that your workstations are being protected.
There are three types of status icons that Bitdefender will show you in your system tray that are based upon the current status of the application.
• Normal - Bitdefender_status_icon_-_Normal.JPG
• Needs attention – Bitdefender_status_icon_-_Orange.JPG
• Needs immediate attention – Bitdefender_status_icon_-_Red.JPG
“Normal” means that Bitdefender is up to date with both product and antivirus definitions and that a full system scan has been performed within the last 7 days.
“Needs attention” means that there is an issue with Bitdefender that needs to be addressed. Typically this status comes about when a full system scan hasn’t been run in the last 7 days.
“Needs immediate attention” means that there is an issue with Bitdefender that needs to be addressed immediately. Typically this status comes when the workstation needs to be rebooted to allow an update to be installed or when a virus has been detected that Bitdefender is unable to stop.
If the status of Bitdefender is either “Needs attention” or “Needs immediate attention”, double click on the Bitdefender icon in your system tray.


Click on the orange circle with an exclamation point in it. This will expand the Bitdefender application and let you know what the issue is that they are referencing that needs attention.


This will expand the Bitdefender application and let you know what the issue is that they are referencing that needs attention.
In this case, Bitdefender is informing you that a system scan (full) in the last 7 days. To remedy this status, simply click on the blue text named “Full scan”. Once a system scan (full) has successfully completed, the status of Bitdefender will go back to normal.
Bitdefender will now start a system scan (full) on your workstation and display a new status window.
Once the system scan (full) has completed, you will have the ability to view the scan log. To do so, click the blue text named “View Log”.

This will bring up the results of the specific scan and you can scroll through to look at the detailed results.

The results will show you the following.
• Number of scanned items
• Number of infected items
• Number of suspect items
• Number of resolved items
• Number of unresolved items

If you find that there are any unresolved items, please contact the support team at iPOS either by calling (570)906-8598 option #3 or by emailing so that we can schedule a time with you to assist you in attempting to remove the unresolved items. Please note that any time that iPOS assists you with any infections on your workstation is a billable service and will be billed at our standard hourly labor rate.

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